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Ben Wielgus - Associate Director, Sustainability Services, KPMG

Ben Wielgus - Associate Director, Sustainability Services, KPMG

Ben has been a member of KPMG’s sustainability advisory group for 11 years.  He currently heads up our work on sustainable cities and, in particular, our activities as a key sponsor of Bristol 2015.  During his time at KPMG, he has worked with a helping organisations look at the emerging forces that will make business and society change. 

Ben specialises in helping organisations understand how the risks and opportunities from sustainability can affect an organisation’s overall strategy.  He works with them to build suitable governance and embed responses to the challenges. He is a frequently requested speaker at national events focussing on sustainability reporting, management and organisational cooperation.

Ben works with organisations across the economy ranging from global infrastructure businesses to cities and from international consumer goods business to small local confectioners.  

He was one of the architects of KPMG’s New Vision of Value report which explains the need for a revolution in the way we value assets.  He believes that we need to move far beyond the immediate financial impact on the asset owner and instead look at the systemic value creation and destruction that the asset provides.  This includes looking at the economic, the social, intellectual and environmental capitals.

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