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Dr. Alice Jones: Social impact consultant and researcher

Dr Alice Jones - Social   impact   consultant   and researcherAlice   Jones   is   a   social   impact   consultant   and researcher, specialising  in  supporting  social  housing providers   to   evidence   their   social   value.  

Alice’s Doctorate from Nottingham Business School focused on  understanding  best  practice  in  measuring  social, economic  and  environmental  outcomes  within  the UK  housing  sector.  Her  experience  as  a  consultant covers   a   range   of   areas,   including   housing   and health,  energy  and  environmental  sustainability,  and employment  and  skills.  She  is  an  accredited  Social Return on Investment practitioner.

Alice  has  worked  with  both  individual  housing  providers  in  the  region,  and with  national  sector-based  partnerships.  Projects  have  included  social  impact evaluations  of  the  Decent  Homes  schemes  carried  out  by  Nottingham  CityHomes,  Gedling  Homes  and  A1  Housing,  and  further  work  with  NCH  and  A1 to  assess  the  social  value  of  a  range  of  their  activities. 

Alice  is  currently working with Bangor University (CHEME), Nottingham City Homes and Gentoo to develop a health outcome measure (Quality Adjusted Life Year) for housing improvements.  She  is  also  supporting  the  Chartered  Institute  of Housing  to develop   a   web-based   tool   for   social   value   measurement   to   support organisations in evidencing their social value

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