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Annika Tverin - Director at Social Finance

Annika Tverin - Social Value Summit speakerAnnika has responsibility for developing Social Finance’s impact investor universe as well as leading selected capital raising campaigns. Annika is also currently running the Bright Futures Social Investment Tax Relief Fund, a pilot fund created in partnership between Social Finance and Kin Capital LLP. In 2015, Annika helped raise £400,000 for a Social Impact Bond (SIB) focussed on mental health and employment and £850,000 for another SIB focussing on reducing loneliness among up to 5,000 lonely elderly individuals in Worcestershire. In 2010, Annika raised a 3.50% coupon £640,000 loan capital bond for Moneyline, a provider of unsecured personal loans in Northwest England and Wales. 

Prior to joining Social Finance in 2008, Annika worked as Director in the equity capital markets groups of Credit Suisse, Assistant Director at ABN AMRO Rothschild and Vice President at Morgan Stanley.  She started her investment banking career in M&A at Morgan Stanley, having prior to that worked for LEK Consulting. Annika has a BA in Economics, an MA in Political Economy and an MBA (Honours) from INSEAD (France).


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