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Julian Blake - Co-head of Social Enterprise and Charity at Bates Wells Braithwaite


Julian Blake Social Value Summit speakerJulian Blake is co-head of Social Enterprise and Charity at Bates Wells Braithwaite, public benefit lawyers.

He has worked for over 25 years as a specialist in social enterprise and generally in the application of commercial legal disciplines to public benefit organisations. He has been engaged with public service commissioning, through the years of: the "contract culture"; and "fair contract/full cost recovery" campaigns; and the progressive development of Social Enterprise, Social Finance, and public service mutuals.

He promotes the European Commission Social Business Initiative perspective on Public Procurement and State Aid, challenging misconceptions. He is involved with national expert panels on Social Value, focusing particularly on Social Impact Measurement. He has, for over four years, worked on the concept of "bold commissioning", with E3M, a group of pioneering chief executives running major commercial social enterprises, delivering public services, which is led by Social Business International.

This culminated, in September 2016, in "The art of the possible in public procurement" a collaborative publication, co-written with Frank Villeneuve-Smith of HCT Group, one of those social enterprises. The intention was, contrary to the nature of most guidance on the subject, to promote the permissive and facilitative nature of public procurement, particularly in relation to socially focused business.

The publication has been well received by the public benefit sector and representatives of central and local government. He is especially interested in the new "innovation partnership" procedure, with its unique feature of permitting the combined procurement of the design and delivery of an innovative service.



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