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Mark Bolger - Managing Director, Social Profit Calculator LTD

Mark Bolger Social Value Summit speakerMark Bolger is the Managing Director of Social Profit Calculator LTD, a software solution to social impact measurement and metrics for calculating Social Profit. After studying Politics and Economics in Manchester, Mark continued his studies to complete his Masters in Social Research methods whilst developing a career in the Public Sector.

Mark worked in the public sector for over 15 years in a number of roles including Housing, Community and Economic Regeneration, Policy and Strategy and Local Authority Commissioning. In that time he has witnessed the many changes which has made Social Value more and more important in procurement of Public Sector contracts. 
In 2010, Mark developed his own Social Enterprise focusing on supporting organisations to understand Social Value through impact measurement and metrics for accurate calculations. Mark believes there is still a lot of confusion across different sectors of what social value is, how to deliver, measure and calculate it.

Embarking on a mission to develop a better understanding of social value and accurate ways of estimating and evaluating impact, Mark developed to Social Profit Calculator. The Social Profit Calculator is the first, easy to use software platform using robust metrics to accurately calculate Social Value as well as other metrics to understand an organisations real value, performance and compliance with the Social Value Act.
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